Our home at roughly the same angle depicted in the header photo above.

My wife and I discovered our home, “The Vail House”, in 2007 after having grown disenchanted with a cramped rental apartment in Manhattan.  Reluctant to move to New Jersey, we found Hunterdon County a pleasing and palatable compromise.  It would mean a longer commute to New York City, but a less ruined, more picturesque setting than the sprawling suburban mess that characterizes much of Northern New Jersey.

We set to work immediately upon occupying the house.  This blog attempts to summarize the endeavors of the first four years and catch up to the projects of the present day.  I hope to articulate our immense fondness for the house and convey the rationale behind what we have done and what we wish to accomplish.

Having a professional background in Antiques and Fine Art, and a penchant for collecting, making a home in an old house suits my temperament just fine.  I find most of the contemporary built environment ugly and contemptible.  I am motivated to discuss the pleasures and labors of old house living in an attempt to support the cause and connect with other enthusiasts: scholarly, fanatical, curious, or otherwise.  I am rather opinionated on the subject of Aesthetics and look forward to your comments and criticisms and hope there are some remuddlers out there to be offended.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. janetwest said:

    I’m finally reading it and enjoying it


  2. Fabulous old house!

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