We have been very pleased with the herb garden’s first growing season.  We planted about thirty different herbs and have enjoyed watching their progress and incorporating them into our meals (and drinks!).  Only a small number failed to thrive.  We also enjoyed watching the great number of interesting and beautiful insects that the plants attracted.

We made some errors, mostly in planting things too close together.  A completely separate kitchen garden for larger plants would be ideal, especially for the basil which completely took over.  We kept our mints in pots to prevent them from doing the same.


We made a few improvements around the yard including adding a step to the side of the patio and replacing one entire side of stockade fence.


The plan is for the two small yew shrubs to provide a screen behind the bench that helps terminate the view of the herb garden from the patio.


Herbs in mid Summer.


A bluestone step has been added to better access the patio.


The two maple trees split into firewood.



A modest attempt at a hurdle made from the limbs of our Pear tree that came down in Hurricane Sandy.  The squash was moved from our compost where it came up on its own.